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Pharmaceuticals is one of the industries has been witnessed with continuous growth in terms of research and development due to the increased uses of health-focused products and services. However, as patients are become more proactive in improving wellness which equally brings the primary responsibility to the drugs manufacturing organizations to consider the patient safety in addition to the organizational logistics and supply chain challenges in the globalized market. SAP for pharmaceuticals has been designed to help businesses to pull away from various challenges.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Batch traceability
  • Recall Management
  • Increased risks to patient safety from falsified drugs
  • Maintain reputation of organization brand name

Medical Devices

Medical devices manufacturing industry has been playing vital role to improve the public health with increasing health concerns exponentially with rising population. As this industry deals with the lives of all the people, thus, manufacturers must take necessary steps to bring the quality products. They often face complex supply chains, a demanding regulatory environment, and the need to track everything, and regularly require multi-country compliance and reporting. SAP has been designed to address the challenges pertaining to this industry

  • Ensuring Regulatory compliance
  • Product Quality
  • Traceability
  • Recall Management


The chemical industry is facing various challenges which includes global supply chains, ‘commoditization’ of products, and increasing regulations. SAP comprehensive portfolio of solutions can help customers to manage critical business processes, including supply chain, manufacturing planning & execution, logistics, warehousing, and financials. Simultaneously, companies need to adhere to strict compliance regulations. Growing competition and rising customer expectations are compelling companies to reduce inventory management costs and optimize lead times.

  • Variations in commodity prices
  • Increased recalls & quality audits
  • Managing manufacturing and operational data
  • Cutting down formula costs to create new efficiencies

Discrete Manufacturing

Manufacturing sectors involved in production of new products from seized raw materials are in need of software to leverage their in and out operations. SAP software solution adopted by manufacturing industries automates complete process to attain successful production. It provides a single scalable approach to attain profitable position. Varied functionalities like production process, inventory management, financial module, requirement of raw materials are covered under integrated platform scrutinizing production process to give out effective outcomes. Automated system gives a complete solution in order to avail fast growth.

  • Better Planning
  • Efficient Quality Checks
  • Resource Utilization
  • Complete Automation
  • Stock Visibility
  • Supply Chain Processing


Textile Industry has been one of the largest industries with its unique challenges to sustain in the global market growth. Every customer in this industry has a unique requirement according to the geographical and social aspects. Production and distribution of clothing materials stands as an important task in this industry. SAP has been designed to help the customers to overcome various challenges and managing operations effectively.

  • Efficient Designing
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Budget framing
  • Inventory Management
  • View Order Status

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages industries are growing day by day with presence of a greater number of customers globally. Demand on food & beverages products are increasing for which quality product production stands as an ultimate process. Powerful solution offered by SAP helps you to manufacture trait food products tackling business challenges. Key business processes from manufacturing to distribution gets combined under single system. Profit is gradually increased by tracking and monitoring of all essential functions related to production process.

  • Increased Stock Visibility
  • Resource Based Production
  • Maximized Quality
  • Clear Traceability

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